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Money Back Guarantee

In the situations outlined below, the Customer may ask for compensation under the Money Back Guarantee. If a customer has a request that does not fit into one of the aforementioned categories, they can contact the customer support staff to discuss it and wait for further consideration.

Customers are entitled to 100% of their money back if they cancel an Order and no Writer has been assigned, 70% of their remuneration if a Writer is already assigned, 50% of the fee if the Writer is given an Order and only half of the deadline remains.

The Company reserves Copyrights and restricts the Customer from using any Products or drafts provided to them before cancellation, late delivery, quality un-satisfaction, and time delivery difference refunds. Compensation will not exceed 70% in a situation where a not-so-solid claim is filed, and the Order had undergone Revision.

The client has the right to a Time Delivery Difference Refund for lengthy Orders that last longer than 2 weeks, equivalent to 7%. Purchased Order Preferences are non-refundable and cannot be separated from the initial product or service provided. The customer must get in touch with the Support Team within two months to obtain reimbursement.

Refund processing is done within five days after the confirmation date, and the Company is not liable for any bank transfer fees, unique transfer characteristics, or delays brought on by problems with the bank's services.